I turned the AUX IN on my Katana wireless

I turned the AUX IN jack on my Katana wireless and I thought I write about it because I enjoy doing these mods. It is almost therapeutic to me.

I started with a cheap Bluetooth receiver module intended for cars. My unit had a female jack and an adapter that had male jacks on both ends.

If you get something similar, I recommend you to use a cable instead of the adapter, since that will make the whole thing too rigid, and every mechanical impact to the adapter will be transferred to the AUX IN jack. You don’t want that. A cable makes the connection flexible and much less prone to cause damage.

You can use any 3.5mm TRS cable, or make one.

I made my own because I like my cables to be neat.

Here are some progress pictures of me making the cable

I used some 3M mounting pads to mount the Bluetooth receiver to the back of my amplifier. It stays there secure, but it’s still ease to remove should I have to do that.

This is the final result


5 thoughts on “I turned the AUX IN on my Katana wireless

  1. Very nice and simple idea. Thank you for sharing! Just recieved my Katana 100 today and had some similar ideas since i use a metronom on my phone which i want to connect to the amp.

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  2. Interesting. Could you use the Katana iOS app with this? I’d love to be able to use my iPad for Boss Tone studio. (I don’t have android devices and have only limited access to a laptop). Thoughts/guidance gratefully received, M


    1. No, that would not work. The AUX input is completely unrelated to Boss Tone Studio. It is used to input another analog signal into the amplifier’s signal chain.


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